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Augmented Reality Forward Surgical Care

Augmented Reality Forward Surgical Care (ARFSC)

This research effort presented an emerging capability to project damage control procedures far forward for situations where evacuation to a formal surgical team is delayed. Specifically, we demonstrated the plausibility of using a wearable augmented reality (AR) telestration device to guide a nonsurgeon through a damage control procedure.

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nXcomms Intelligent Patient Simulation

BioMojo used its proven experience to augment the interactivity and realism of medical manikins as well as screen-based patient medical simulators. The goal of this project was to define, develop, test, and demonstrate a software architecture that could successfully connect different types of intelligent patient simulators using natural language processing (NLP) and advanced AI technologies.

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Virtual Patient Experience

The BioMojo Virtual Patient Experience (VPE) is an interactive, multiplayer 3D health and medicine themed, STEM science education product for grades 6 though 12.  This game is driven by patient story lines, scenario narratives and virtual patients that include dynamic biomathematical physiology models to drive interactivity, exploration, discovery, and decision making.

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