About Us

BioMojo LLC is a biomedical performance solutions company based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. It creates integrated software and hardware solutions to improve human performance, decision-making, knowledge management, resilience and mission-critical task execution for complex, high consequence, mission critical environments. BioMojo integrates advancements in rapid prototyping and manufacturing, digital-physical design, human factors, XR, gaming /simulation, spatial computing, computational biology, synthetic human anatomy, wearable sensors, data analytics and A.I. to produce solutions that increase the speed, safety and efficiency of human operators working as individuals or teams. Company is funded by federal agencies, universities, and industry to develop and validate operationally relevant technology solutions to consistently maximize performance and improve outcomes.

BioMojo engineers and scientists have developed a multitude of novel solutions in both software (e.g., apps, training aids, mixed reality experiences) and hardware (i.e., functional and tangible prototypes and technology demonstrators including wearables, micro-controller and FPGA equipped electronic equipment, unique laboratory instrumentation, and field-ready devices for military use). BioMojo uses state-of-the-art analog and digital components and associated design software in all of its custom projects. Full project management from concept to delivery is central to BioMojo’s ethos.