Virtual Standardized Patients for Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs)

Virtual standardized patients (VSPs) are avatar-based representations of human SPs that converse with students using natural language. Using spoken questions, students can practice their history-taking skills with an interactive VSP to gain practice and experience before interacting with standardized or real patients. VSPs vary by sex, age, ethnicity and body type and express themselves both verbally and nonverbally. Each VSP may include an embedded physiology engine.

BioMojo creates custom made, interactive 3D (i3D) learning modules. Each module is tailored to the needs of your learners so that they can apply clinical reasoning and decision-making skills, thereby increasing competence and confidence. Please contact us for a quote.


  • Learning modules run in a web browser for a lower barrier of entry. No installs.
  • Learning modules can be used for individual learners or teams of learners.
  • Use our learning management system (LMS) or we can send performance data to yours.
  • Interaction is facilitated by an advanced natural language processing semantic mapping AI.
  • Lifelike human avatars include eye contact, scripted gestures, demeanors and emotions that can be triggered at specific times during the patient interaction. Dynamic virtual patient responses are based upon simulated physiological conditions
  • Each patient case includes an electronic healthcare record, lab results, images and additional tests that can be ordered.
  • Scenario events can be triggered by learner action, by time, or by an external factor (e.g. stress).
  • After-Action-Review/Scoring System includes:
  • Replay such that learner choices can be either stepped through or played back in real time. Jump to any event at any time.
  •  Displays where a learner’s actions affected a chosen tracked variable on a timeline.
  • Replay data can be saved for later review.
  • Real time replay can be slowed down, paused, or sped up.