BioMojo creates cutting-edge, integrated software and hardware solutions to improve operator decision-making, knowledge management, resilience, teamwork, and mission-critical task execution.

XR + Spatial Computing + Computational Biology + Wearable Sensors + Data Analytics + A.I.

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Virtual Standardized Patients for Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs)
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Custom XR Application Development for HoloLens 2 and IVAS
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Virtual Standardized Patients

Virtual standardized patients (VSPs) are avatar-based representations of human SPs that converse with students using natural language. Students can practice their history-taking skills with an interactive VSP to gain practice and experience before interacting with standardized or real patients. BioMojo creates custom made, interactive 3D (i3D) learning modules so that learners can practice appling foundational medical knowledge while developing clinical reasoning and decision-making skills.
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Custom XR Development for HoloLens 2 and IVAS

The U.S. military calls its version of the HoloLens 2 “IVAS,” which stands for Integrated Visual Augmentation System. BioMojo provides custom software development and XR systems integration for HoloLens 2 and IVAS.
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Wearable Biometric Sensors for XR Integrations

BioMojo has developed a unique computational systems biology approach, honed by years developing open source human physiology engines. We use this approach to extract and deliver relevant biomarkers from curated data that is delivered from wearable devices that we help to create with our university and commercial research and development partners.
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Featured Projects

Augmented Reality Forward Surgical Care (ARFSC)

Augmented Reality (AR) technologies provide surgeons with the ability to help forward medical providers from thousands of miles away. The remote surgeon is able to communicate and provide feedback to the battlefield operator throughout the procedure. The remote surgeon is also able to help monitor vital signs and is able to draw visual guidance directly within the battlefield operators’ field of vision. This allows the immediate identification of incision points or problem areas.
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nXcomms Intelligent Patient Simulation

BioMojo used its proven experience to augment the interactivity and realism of medical manikins as well as screen-based patient medical simulators. The goal of this project was to define, develop, test, and demonstrate a software architecture that could successfully connect different types of intelligent patient simulators using natural language processing (NLP) and advanced AI technologies.
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Virtual Patient Experience

Virtual Patient Experience Virtual Patient Experience The BioMojo Virtual Patient Experience (VPE) is an interactive, multiplayer 3D health and medicine themed, STEM science education product for grades 6 though 12. This game is driven by patient story lines, scenario narratives and virtual patients that include dynamic biomathematical physiology models to drive interactivity, exploration, discovery, and decision making.
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