Biomedical Performance Solutions to Improve Human Performance in High Risk, Mission Critical Environments

Maintaining an operational performance advantage is a key priority for our military and healthcare clients, particularly as mission-critical dynamics evolve at a rapid pace. Developments in biotechnology, A.I., machine learning and the IoT ecosystem pose an opportunity for our clients to advance and maintain this advantage through the development of optimized human systems for augmented performance.

BioMojo focuses on cutting-edge initiatives to augment human systems through advanced training, human-machine interfaces and the application of relevant biotechnologies. We develop and deliver technologies to enable, sustain, enhance, and quantify human performance for improved mission effectiveness. Our efforts include:

  • Researching the bioeffects of emerging technologies and integrated systems
  • Developing adaptive human-machine interfaces to improve operator performance including the use of wearable sensors for diagnostic physiological monitoring.
  • Developing personalized training simulations for mission preparedness in high stakes domains to minimize risk and increase safety.
  • Creating next gen, web-mobile, simulator-agnostic learning management tools for the real time measurement, prediction, and assessment of individual and team performance.
  • Leveraging biotechnologies to empower operators with enhanced, real-time decision-making abilities in dynamic, stressful environments using machine learning analysis of most current data streams.
  • Researching XR data presentation and UI/UX through head-up displays (HUDs) to reduce stress while improving productivity, efficiency, and safety.
  • Evaluating wearable spatial computing systems for telepresence, telesimulation and surgical telestration.
  • Exploring the development and application of A.I driven autonomous virtual human avatars.
  • Creating fun serious games to inspire, educate and challenge the next generation of STEM leaders.
U.S. Army Futures Command demonstrates the Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS).(Photo credit U.S. Army. The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.)